Monday, March 28, 2011

Regarding Jane

With the release of Jane Eyre in cinemas, I have picked up my favorite copy of the Bronte classic.  It is just a paperback edition but what makes it special are the illustrations.  They are like gothic, Victorian comics.  The illustrator is Dame Darcy, a self-proclaimed neo-Victorian. 

I scanned this image from my copy. It's Jane as she watches Rochester ride with the beautiful Blanche Ingram.
Check out Dame Darcy at
She is currently donating 30% of proceeds from the purchase of select artwork to the Red Cross Japan Relief effort.

I can not wait to see the new Jane Eyre film.  As soon as I can get my mom to watch my babe, AND as soon as it gets to a theatre near me, I will go!  Its release date was 3/11, but only in select theatres (New York and LA, of course)  Right about now I am missing NYC. 
You can find when it will be playing near you on the website.

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