Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Invisible Bridge

The Invisible Bridge is so much more than a love story, so much more than a story of World War II. It is a beautiful, epic novel that seduces the reader early on with the introduction of two brothers, who share a deep bond, the good fortune of a scholarship to a Parisian university, Paris itself, the theatre, young love and then completely immerses the reader in this man's life. His hopes and dreams and desires became my own. When war broke out across Europe and he and his family suffer, I suffered with them and feared for their lives as though they were my family and friends, too.
This novel was always beautifully written even when it was recounting the experience of this man and his family as they struggle to survive one of the absolute darkest and most horrible times in the world's history. A very, very human portrait of love, loss, and survival in very inhumane times.

This is Julia Orringer's first novel.  I am in awe, and not a little bit envious, of her talent and her ability to conjure so well this time in the past, and to make these people absolutely come to life on the page.

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