Sunday, April 17, 2011

John Adams-Chapter Two

True Blue

In this chapter, Adams continues to astound us with his ideas, his passion, and his energy.  The man must seriously have had more energy than anyone ever in history.  He wasn't just impressing upon his fellow congress members the importance of independence and breaking away from Britain, he was doing it all while calculating the timing of everything and apparently was part of 26 different committees! And after spending all day working, he often still had the energy to go home and write down his thoughts and impressions of it all at the end of the day.
In this chapter we get a real sense of the whole process before they actually declare independence from Great Britain.  The magnitude of this decision is not missed by any.  Adams, rightfully so, is most concerned with the situation after a war.  He is constantly thinking about the future of America and how they will govern the country once they are independent.
My favorite part of this chapter was the introduction of Jefferson.  I really enjoyed reading about their very opposite upbringings.  And the two different worlds that were the south and New England at the time. Being a New England girl and not being very familiar with the South, I imagine there probably are still quite a few cultural differences.
Something that really horrified me was when they visited the hospital.
“Led below ground to view the “lunaticks” locked in their cells…”
Locked up underground… how awful.

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