Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Gothic Reader

Well, here's to starting over. My toddler just erased my post. Why is the cancel button right there at the edge of the computer within easy reach of her little fingers?

I've started to think that, while blogging itself is time consuming, it's actually the reading of all the other blogs that is taking up what little reading time I have these days.  I absolutely loooove reading all of the wonderful, interesting blogs out there and hearing what readers around the world think of not only my favorite books, but their favorites, and also discovering new books from them, but I seem to be reading books less and less!  In fact, like so many, I am constantly adding to my TBR list, which only lists a fragment of what I actually want to read.  I'm almost afraid to list it all, as I feel I will be completely overwhelmed and tortured with anxiety. Brings to mind a similar situation back in 1999 when I got a job at Waldenbooks, which was when I first realized there were so very many books I was dying to read, yet so little time.

It was while reading a blog recently that I was reminded how much I love a good gothic tale.  My bookshelves are crammed with Wilkie Collins, the Brontes, the Post-Gothic Edgar Allen Poe, Daphne Du Maurier and numerous volumes of English ghost stories, but I have read neither The Castle of Otranto, nor The Mysteries of Udolpho, both being de rigueur for any lover of gothic.  I am ready to remedy that situation.  I have ordered both of these novels along with a few others. Now if I can just get off the blogs and back to the books...

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