Friday, July 15, 2011

To the Lighthouse Week 2

To the Lighthouse has now become a bit addicting. I find myself eager to get back into these people's heads! I'm enjoying following the streams of consciousness because Virginia Woolf has a way of rooting out certain truths about ourselves that we are either oblivious to or seek to obscure, but which we immediately recognize in her characters.
I, for one, see something of myself in almost everyone so far, and unfortunately sometimes it's in their silliest, pettiest thoughts that I find myself thinking, "I can relate to that!"

The dinner scene in which we hop about from one head to the next is wonderfully intimate.  I just hope the book will not end leaving me with too many unanswered questions.

Someone I would like to know more about is Mr Carmichael.  Why does Mrs. Ramsay continually mention that he doesn't like her?  


  1. Hi Elspeth,

    I always enjoy reading a book where I can relate to some aspect of the storyline, or one of the characters.

    Sometimes that strategy doesn't make for comfortable reading, but then often the truth isn't a comfortable bedfellow, is it?