Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Book Beginnings

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Title: The Winter Sea
Author: Susanna Kearsley

It wasn't chance.  There wasn't any part of it that happened just by chance.

I just finished reading this book a few days ago. It had been on my TBR list for at least a couple of years.  It drew my attention initially due to the historical setting which is Scotland right before the failed Jacobite uprising of 1708, which is apparently, according to the author, an often overlooked part of Jacobite history as it's eclipsed by the much more tragic Battle of Culloden in 1746.
I really enjoyed it and I have just ordered Mariana, which is another book by the same author.


  1. Great opening lines...I've always loved this cover, too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog...I've had mine on my stacks for awhile, too; I can't imagine why!

  2. I like the beginning, I'm wondering what happened. I know next to nothing about Scotland. I'm assuming the opening lines refer to this Jacobite uprising of 1708.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by my blog!